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The culture at South West Airlines is based on many existing principles but has never been copied from any. The employee culture promotes that every employee should take care of promoting and preserving company culture. The company has dedicated a different department for Culture Services. The department is responsible for encouraging the culture and let every employee know they are an important part.

The company has spread its culture into the everyday lives of its employees. It is present in every aspect of how the employees treat each other to how the employees are its company’s priority. Appreciation, Recognition, and Celebration are the three vital elements of South West Airlines Culture. There are committees set up by the management to promote a fun and healthy work environment for its employees.

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Several programs are designed in a way so that employees can easily get to know each other in a formal and informal way. South West Airlines offers many prizes and awards such as the Winning Spirit Award, President’s award. The employees are nominated for the prizes and the awards are distributed in anniversary celebrations.

South West Airlines are known for fun and celebrating the environment. It takes out time for organising fun activities for its employees on annual celebrations like Chilli Cook-offs, Spirit Parties, and the Southwest Rallies.



South West Airlines Diversity

South West Airlines are known for its quality of putting people first from the time it has been established. It has grown its business manifolds since then but its focus is still on people’s comfort. South West Airlines has dedicated itself to The Golden Rule. This rule is based on the moral to treat people in a respectful way and embrace them in a way they want to be.

South West Airlines has also provided this environment for its employees and recognizes them for their unique perspectives. Diversity is not just a fancy term for Southwest Airlines but they have incorporated that in their culture for a long time.

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