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The check In at South West Airlines has become very simple. You can easily complete the check-in process on your computer through the web check-in. this has increased the efficiency as it has an option through which you can check-in and print the boarding pass too. You will receive your e-boarding pass by the respective airline on your e-mail Id.

You also have the freedom to check in your luggage in advance using the web check-in. you can also select your seat and meal options beforehand. You can also do other things before departure. Your location does not matter, you can easily check-in online.

How To Check In Early ?

You can check-in 24 hours before the departure time with South West Airlines. You can do this using only your first name, last name, and confirmation number


SouthWest Airline Early Bird Check-In

If you have bought the Early Bird check-in then the system will allow you your check-in 36 hours before the scheduled departure time. You will get a 12 hours upper hand with this.

Advantages of Early Bird Check-In

Early Access To Overhead Bins: This is really helpful when you have got the luggage as you can set it up beforehand and there is space for you. By purchasing Early Bird Check-In, you will get the advantage of picking up the best overhead bin space.

Better Boarding Positions: You will be able to book your favorite boarding position as you will be assigned 36 hours before departure. So it will be improving your seat selection.

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Automatic Check-In: Whether you have printed the boarding pass a day before or a few hours before, your boarding position will be reserved waiting for you. You can download and print your boarding pass within 24 hours of the check-in time.

How To Buy Early Bird Check-In?

At the time of buying the ticket, you need to click on the In case you have already bought the ticket, you can buy the Early Bird package 36 hours before the departure time by going to The extra charges for early bird check-in are $15 per head. The requirements for this are your first name, last name, and the confirmation number available on the e-travel documents.

How To Check Flight Status?

There are two ways through which you can check your flight status.

By Route:

  • First, fill in the airport code or departure city.
  • Then type the airport code of the arrival city.
  • Write your departure date.
  • Write the flight number.
  • To check status click on the ‘Search’ button.

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By Flight Number:

  • Fill in your flight number
  • Tap on the ‘Search’ button.

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